Why didn't somebody do something?

October 30, 2023

Governor Mike Huckabee tells the story of the time he and one of his daughters visited the Holocaust Museum in Israel. As they walked through the exhibit, they encountered picture after picture and artifact after artifact that shook them at their very core. As they came to the end of the exhibit, they approached the guest book where people would sign and leave various remarks or comments. Without saying a word, Governor Huckabee looked over his daughter's shoulder as she wrote these words: "Why didn't somebody do something?"The Holocaust is one of the greatest global atrocities in history. The mindless murder of over 11 million at the instruction of one man went relatively unnoticed and unannounced to the rest of the world. As rumors began to leak about the so called "death camps," leaders from various nations-including the U.S.-rejected these notions. No one ever expected the magnitude of the devastation until after it was too late.Fast forward to 2009. Talk to anyone who has studied the Holocaust, been to the Holocaust Musem in DC or Israel, or heard from a Holocaust survivor, and they will tell you that they get knots in their stomach when they think about it. I have been to the Holocaust Museum in DC twice. I don't think I will ever be able to go again. Not because I get sad, but it is because I get filled with an anger that is not normal for me. I am one who wants action and justice, neither of which were available to these 11 million. But here is the interesting thing:something just as apalling and just as gut-wrenching that has legally allowed the murder of nearly 40 million people in our own country. What is it? Abortion.Recently I had a conversation with an individual who made an interesting observation. He said that he believes one day we will look back on the abortion issue with the same disgust as we do slavery and the Holocaust. There has been and will continue to be great debate in our country about the issue. If there is to be change on the issue, it will be lead by strong, capable, competent Christian believers. It will take a great effort and require unwavering unity. It is time that we as a body of believers finally become a unified body. We must stand and fight. We must raise awareness. We must work hard. Here is the ultimate question: will you be somebody who does something?

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