Two Natural Responses to Work

October 30, 2023

Laziness, or a workaholic. That's it?But why? We aren't born with the ability to maintain a healthy balance in our lives. Sin can be thanked for that one. When sin entered the world, it affected everything, including the way our mind works. Now, instead of being able to handle the work before us with a sense of balance, we tend to swing one of two ways. Some people respond to work by being a workaholic. Society has taught them that working long hours is how you get more done and climb the corporate ladder (or in church world, how you climb the steeple). But in attempt to get more done and work towards a promotion, you neglect other very important things-health, family, hobbies, and so on.And why does more time put in automatically mean more work done? The problem is not an inadequate amount of time put in, but rather an inability to focus and work smart while you're working. For those whose tendency is to be a workaholic, it's time you begin restructuring your work life. Start looking for ways to work smarter, so you can get more done in less time, and still have time to enjoy your other responsibilities.The other response to work is laziness. This reaction is one that just avoids the work altogether. Some people are lazy simply because they have no drive, no desire to really do anything. These tend to be the folks who are on the leaderboards for things like World of Warcraft, but have a part-time job as a buggy wrangler at Wal-Mart.Still other people are lazy out of fear. They fear how much might be involved, or how much time they may lose to something else. Often, though, once they get into the work, they realize it's not as bad as they conjured up in their brain. Instead, they find it's easier than they originally thought.The ultimate goal is to learn a sense of balance in work. Unfortunately, it requires a lot of work and establishing some new habits. But if you put the time in, you just might impress yourself as to what you can do.

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