Sometimes We Forget Our Own Strength

October 30, 2023

If you've been awake at all for the past week you know of the tragedy the occurred at Sea World Orlando. Living in Orlando, I heard the news within moments of it happening. Over the last few years, I have seen the Shamu show countless times. I have seen Tillikum(the whale involved in the incident) soak thousands of unsuspecting tourists.No one knows why this whale reacted the way he did. Some have their theories, but it is impossible to know what he was thinking at the time. He could have been tired, upset, or just wanted to play. When you weigh over 12,000 pounds, any action-whether playful or angry-you take can be dangerous for those around you.We all have moments where we respond to a situation out of anger, exhaustion, or maybe a desire to be playful. The problem is that we don't understand our own strength.We forget how dangerous our words and deeds can be. Our actions can be hurtful, demeaning, and damaging. Our words, however, can cause more damage than any action. As James puts it in James 3:6, the tongue is a "world of unrighteousness."Today as we interact with others, let's make sure to be careful with how we react and respond to situations. Even the smallest word or action can have irreparable consequences.

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