Parable of the Ants

October 30, 2023

There once were two groups of ants. One group was comprised of individuals, the other with team members. The first group decided it was best for each to scatter and fend for himself. The second decided to work for the benefit of the team.The first group began seemingly well. Each ant went and searched to find food for himself. Each individual was feeling strong and independent. But then, it happened. The individuals began to realize that there was to be some competition for the food. No one cared about another; each was focused on his own well-being. Soon, egos began to inflate, and chaos was soon to ensue.The second group, however, did not immediately scatter. Each team member was forced to push pride aside and admit their weaknesses, along with their strengths. With pride aside, a few clear leaders arose to organize the group. Those strong in searching were sent out to find food. Once they returned with their discovery, each ant began to fall in line and work together to pass the food from the source to the hill.A few ants began to get discontent, feeling their talents were not being used best. The leaders stepped in, able to encourage most of them to step back into their positions, assuring them that they were in fact being used well. The remainder decided to leave and join the group of individuals. How they would soon regret their decision.At the end of the day, group one was frustrated, separated, and angry. Some were left severely injured, others wounded by their battles against each other. Their goal to fend for themselves was thwarted by, well, themselves. They left broken, bruised, defeated, and still angry.The second group, on the other hand, returned to the hill at the end of the day, feeling good as they reflected on a job done well. Ample provisions were gathered, and each member was able to take pride in contributing to the benefit of the team. You see, thanks to their leadership, each ant in group two understood their role. They began to see how uniquely they were each created, and how that unique creation mixed perfectly with those placed around them. Realizing they were stronger together than they ever could be separately revolutionized the way the viewed their work. Their goal was to gather food to sustain life, and their team approach made that easily attainable. Their realization of a necessary dependence on each other created the culture of success through teamwork, which turns out to be how they were created.

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