One Thing Never Changes

October 30, 2023

Our culture is one that changes at an incredibly rapid pace. The amount of known information doubles every few months. It is quite easy to say that culture has changed drastically throughout the ages, from one geographical location to another. But despite the high level of change, there is one remnant of culture that has yet to change.Despite the advances in medicine, transportation, and war, there is still one thing that has not changed. Every since the beginning of time, one facet of culture has expanded and been altered depending on the time and region, yet it is as powerful as any modern military weapon. For those who don't know how to use it well, it can reflect on them poorly or get them into grave trouble. Wars have been started, escalated, and ended because of them. What is that one area of culture that I keep referring to? Simple. Words.Words have been around since time began. Words are how God communicated with Adam and Eve in the garden. Words are how we communicate with each other. But in our modern western culture, the power and use of words has gone downhill quickly. Whoever made the observation that "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" was a dirty liar. Words have the power to heal, yet the power to destroy. In today's Western culture, the power of words still carries on, yet fewer and fewer people understand their capability. Those who are in leadership positions often do not realize the weight of their words until it is to late.Words can quickly destroy what has taken a great deal of time to create. As we seek to push forward to become people of great influence for the sake of the Gospel, let us not forget the power of our words. Let us not forget the power of a seemingly insignificant word online. Let us take seriously the power of our words and their ability to draw people to or push people away from the Gospel.

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