Learn What Not To Do

October 30, 2023

I'm a young guy. I get that. But at 24 I have already worked with and for a lot of people. While I have learned a lot of good things in those experiences, I've also learned what not to do.When working for different people throughout the years, I've observed some traits that annoy me. I see them say and do things that make me not want to work for them.I hope people never say that about me. I hope they never say "He drove me nuts. He was inconsistent in his words and actions, and he usually had no idea what he was talking about. His ethics were questionable and his decisions were unwise. Why did he wear that shirt with that tie? Seriously? But I will say that he had great potential." (There are other things on my list. These are just some examples.)I hope this is never said about me. How am I trying to avoid it? By keeping a "don't do" list and actually following it.I have a feeling this will be a great help in the future.(Disclaimer: I'm purposefully not including my "do not do" list. I don't want to cause speculation as to where I learned different things. This is my attempt at being nice.)

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