Who Should Attend the StoryBrand Workshop? These 4 Teams

October 30, 2023

Clarity. It’s probably the most important thing in your company, yet it’s probably the scarcest resource. A lack of clarity is frustrating. When we work for a leader who’s unclear, we wonder what else may be going on behind the scenes. When our marketing message is unclear, we get frustrated because our efforts see little reward. When our sales process is unclear, we see money leaving our company and joining our competitors. When our recruiting efforts are unclear, we hire the wrong people into our company and eventually it destroys what we built. These feelings are awful, but they’re also abundant in too many companies. People get discouraged, disconnected, and distraught because there’s a supreme lack of clarity in the business. Thankfully it doesn’t have to be this way. We have systems and frameworks for almost everything, from the Franklin Covey time management solution to the Lean Six Sigma approach for manufacturing. And thanks to the StoryBrand Framework, we finally have a way to the clarity that’s so critical for our company. I’ve worked with dozens of companies since becoming StoryBrand Certified, and I’ve seen a common problem: too many make the mistake of assuming it only applies to marketing. Because a clear message is about what’s on our website and in our emails, right?Wrong. Clarity is the key for growing your business. And if you want the growth you deserve, then consider taking these teams to the next StoryBrand Workshop:

Who should attend the StoryBrand Workshop

  1. Marketing. Your marketing team should know exactly who you serve, what you do, and how you solve problems for customers. Most people who attend the workshop come from the marketing team.
  2. Executive leadership. Nothing sticks in a company long term if it doesn’t have support from the top. Executive leaders who understand this process lead better, healthier companies.
  3. Sales. A clear message only works if the sales team understands it too. And since this process focuses on how to effectively position a message, then the sales team should be the masters of the StoryBrand Framework. When they understand it well, it transforms how they sell to customers.
  4. HR. I know, I know. This one seems a little crazy, but let me explain. For HR folks, they serve two groups: future employees and current employees. So when they understand their office is the guide (step 3 of the StoryBrand Framework) to these groups, it transforms how they lead.

There are too many companies out there suffering from a lack of clarity. Sales are down, the marketing doesn’t work, and the wrong people join the company while the right people leave. The underlying culprit? A lack of clarity.If everyone on your team – especially the four groups noted above – gets aligned around the StoryBrand Framework, then your business becomes unstoppable.Why not bring the StoryBrand workshop experience to your entire company? Click here to get more information about a Private Workshop!

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