I help brands find the right words so they make more money

A StoryBrand Guide bringing clarity to your marketing, sales, and strategy. Best part? Let's get it done in one day.

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Confusion is the
#1 enemy in business.

Confusion is expensive.

When you replace confusion with clarity, you win.

Accelerate sales

Know exactly what to say so more people buy.

Amplify your brand

Reach more customers with the clarity they deserve to hear.

Align your team

Everyone knows exactly what you do and the problems you solve.

I'm Wes Gay.

Since 2016, I've helped hundreds of brands unlock clarity in marketing and sales.

When you get the words right, everything else falls into place. In one day we can nail your messaging, clarity your best audience, craft a marketing strategy, and more. How? By following a process designed to get results, fast. Get the right people in the room and watch the A HA moments unfold.

What other leaders say

"Wes spent a day with our team, and the language that he helped us craft that day was a game changer for us. His words have helped me do over $100 million in real estate transactions."

Ken Joslin
Ken Joslin Team
CREATE, the #1 Faith-Based Entrepreneur Conference

“As a StoryBrand Agency, we know the power of clarity. So when we get stuck, we call Wes. If your organization wants to find the right words to reach your audience, I highly recommend Wes."

Clark Campbell
CEO, RVRB, a StoryBrand Certified Agency

"We help companies figure out what to say. When it was time to do the same thing for our own company, we called Wes Gay. I highly recommend Wes for any company that wants to grow."

Bob Ruffalo
CEO, ImpactPlus, home of They Ask, You Answer
Your path to clarity starts with the right Words.

Tell the story of your audience and they buy from you.
And let's figure it out in a day

It's simple Pick a location and gather the people with a vote or veto in the final result. Then we go to work:

  • Clarifying your message (know the best audience to attract and the core problem you solve). We'll get this done before lunch
  • Crafting a strategy that helps you win, because that's what a strategy should do (anything else is not a strategy)
  • Crafting any deliverables live in the room, like writing a new home page or creating a sales plan that makes money

We get more done in a few hours that your competitors get done in a year. All by focusing on knowing what to say to the right people.

What's next? 

Once we nail the right story,
we build a smart strategy.

With clear messaging in place, what's next?
The #1 question I've heard from hundreds of clients is "Now what?"  

Option 1: Guided Implementation
After our day together, I train you team to implement the StoryBrand messaging & methodology in all they do.

Option 2: Build the Sales Funnel
My team builds the website, email campaigns, or whatever needs to be done.

Option 3: Fractional CMO
I drive all things marketing and strategy to support your sales growth.  
Ever wonder what to say in marketing and sales? 

Each week I send a short, actionable email helping you know exactly what to say.