I help brands find the right words so they make more money

A StoryBrand Guide bringing clarity to your marketing, sales, and strategy

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Confusion is the
#1 enemy in business.

Confusion is expensive.

When you replace confusion with clarity, you win.

Accelerate sales

Know exactly what to say so more people buy.

Amplify your brand

Reach more customers with the clarity they deserve to hear.

Align your team

Everyone knows exactly what you do and the problems you solve.

I'm Wes Gay.

Since 2016, I've helped hundreds of brands unlock clarity in marketing and sales.

Use StoryBrand to create a clear, compelling message.
Create a marketing plan that attracts more leads.
Streamline the sales process so more people buy.
Get your business growing again.

What other leaders say

"Prior to Wes Gay, our brand messaging was complex and confusing. Having Wes provide guidance gave us direction, and we’re reaping the rewards by seeing far more leads become clients."

Bryan & Shannon Miles
Co-Founders BELAY Solutions

“As a StoryBrand Agency, we know the power of clarity. So when we get stuck, we call Wes. If your organization wants to find the right words to reach your audience, I highly recommend Wes."

Clark Campbell
CEO, RVRB, a StoryBrand Certified Agency

"We help companies figure out what to say. When it was time to do the same thing for our own company, we called Wes Gay. I highly recommend Wes for any company that wants to grow."

Bob Ruffalo
CEO, ImpactPlus, home of They Ask, You Answer
Your path to clarity starts with the right story.

Tell the story of your audience and they buy from you.


Best for solo operations and small brands
We meet via Zoom for 2 - 2.5 hours. We discuss your brand, your services, and your audience. Your messaging is done by the end of the call.


Best for leadership teams and brands over $3m
In one day, I’ll lead your team to find the right messaging, including messaging for specific audiences, products, and more. We’ll nail down a strategy, too.

What's next? 

Once we nail the right story,
we build a smart strategy.

With clear messaging in place, let's take it to the world.

A Marketing Strategy focused on driving leads who buy from you, including:
- A clear plan to win
- The best next projects to tackle
- Long-term focus
I become your StoryBrand Advisor to drive your strategy forward.
- Work with your team and external partners.
- Ensure clarity exists at every step.
- Train your entire sales and marketing team.
Ever wonder what to say in marketing and sales? 

Each week I send a short, actionable email helping you know exactly what to say.